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Be Yourself

is a Peruquois first single from upcoming more contemporary sounding yet to be named CD. Be Yourself is the song Peruquois wrote for her teenage daughter, who questioned her mother's previous music production. It took Peruquois flight to Los Angeles to meet amazing music producer Heather Holley known for her work with Christina Aguilera, to create something «cool» so young critique would be pleased.

The song features amazing one man orchestra, Grammy nominee Dave Eggar, whose cello one can hear on multiple tracks of Amy Winehouse, Beyonce, Coldplay, Evanescence etc. Russian multi cultural violinist Anastasiya Shafran joined Dave to complete string part. To get «the sound» Be Yourself has been mastered by legendary L.A. engineer Dave Collins, known for his work with legends like Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Madonna etc.

If you get the album of iTunes or Amazon please leave the comments there as they would be invaluable guide to women who yet don't know my work. On leaving rating and comment please connect with me at letting me know which album you get and at which shop — and I'll send you some music/practice material for FREE!


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