Voice of the Sacred Feminine — Women's Mysteries

July 1 2012, Mirror Center, Amsterdam

Voice of the Sacred Feminine — Women's Mysteries is a potent blend of intensive workshop with ritual and performance.

It is a great communion of women pulsing together as One Woman, creating a vortex. A pool of energies coming to full expression so each woman receives herself as the pure feminine source.

It unveiled that when a woman gives herself to the source of love her whole body is re-infused with the pure original innocent state of being. One woman surrendering to the source creates an ecstatic synergy effect, invoking the same state in all women in the field. It penetrates her body on a cellular level and restores her to her original nature. It reinstates trust in the sisterhood. It unifies the women rather then separating them.

Peruquois’ vision is to create these vortexes all around the Globe for women to have a direct experience of her original essence. It is unified primal sound of women that retunes and restores each woman to her original essence. Then a woman becomes sensual and awake rather then robotic and asleep.

Voice of the Sacred Feminine is a unique safe space to unravel yourself, dive into your sensuality and vulnerability, reclaim your innocence and open the voice of your primal nature. Tune yourself to the nourishing vibration of Mother Earth. Sing from the depth of your womb, open up your orgasmic body, with ancient chanting techniques.

About Peruquois:

Pouring silence into sound her voice has a power to stop time and open the floodgates of the mystery, and bare the soul of what it is to be truly woman. Singer, chantress and international workshop facilitator, Peruquois has carved a path for women to awaken, to set themselves free from doubt, shame, guilt and connect wholly with herself and the Earth. Her wisdom about the energy and flow of a woman’s body and her knowledge of self healing through voice/sound are creating ripples in women’s world.

Voice of the Sacred Feminine — Women's Mysteries

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Lieve Lot
Lieve Lot

Curious about the costs though…

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Miriam Klein
Miriam Klein

75 euro 12.30 -16.30 hr

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Nicola Romme
Nicola Romme

Where to buy tickets?

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