Trust Your Nature: Workshop/Extravaganza with Peruquois

April 14, Helsinki, Finland

Peruquois (Australia) invites you to the circle / For the first time! Trust Your Nature: Workshop / Extravaganza by Peruquois in Europe

February 9, 2019, Helsinki will host the first event with the legendary feminine workshop facilitator and performer.

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The famous Australian performer (# 1 in the World Music genre in Australia) and the world's leading practical workshop facilitator for women will spend the whole day in the women's circle, among women who decide to live in harmony with their nature.

Trust Your Nature by Peruquois provides support and inspiration for creativity, interesting business projects, harmonious relations and successful self-realization.

A format that combines warm communication, a unique solo concert, in-depth conversations about personal experience and Peruquois nontrivial understandings will serve as a powerpoint for each participant.

The inability to live from her nature, associated with following external standards and the modern rhythm of life, sometimes causes confusion and dissatisfaction.

It is possible to fully manifest yourself, while remaining in harmony, to be successful, while remaining feminine.

Being a woman of earth today is beautiful.

Trust Your Nature – is a catalyst for positive change and the formation of a circle of like-minded women.

What is in it?

  • Peruquois speech — she will share her wisdom and knowledge of the feminine nature, addressing the main topics of concern to the modern woman (approximately 1 hour)
  • Q&A session (approximately 1 hour)
  • Practice oriented workshop (approximately 3 hours)
  • Peruquois solo-concert (specially prepared set — each song is directly related to woman, her aspirations, hopes, about 1 hour)


  • Arranged networking areas by key interests
  • Women's market (everything is made by women, for women, creators and ideological inspirers will personally be in the market space, answering your questions)
  • Food-court / Catering
  • Great mood and positive energy!

Come join this powerful feminine communion!

All information and reservations 

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All information and reservations 

Trust Your Nature: Workshop/Extravaganza with Peruquois

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