Peruquois LIVE

October 2 2017, Riga Congress Hall, Riga, Latvia

Australian #1 World Music singer — PERUQUOIS — comes to Riga with a new concert program «Woman in Love»

«I warmly welcome you my dear Latvian music lovers to the new concert program — I'm coming with to Riga Congress Hall. It is my pleasure to share this deep passion of love with you. To bring warmth to your hearts via my music and singing. Inspire you in this rainy time of the year. And nourish your personal inner spirit. Feel touched by Woman in Love, come and join us at Kongresu Nams on October 2», — love Peruquois

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«Her voice filled with love and joy my soul. Gave me a sense of total acceptance of my true feminine nature, made me feel wholesome and alive», — Elena, after Peruquois concert at House of Music


They say that her voice has power to stop time and open floodgates of mystery. She used to be a successful jazz singer in Sydney who left everything, married Native American Shaman and moved to the USA to live in high mountain desert to study ancient traditions of voice healing.

Her return to music celebrated her as Voice of Goddess and Voice of the Sacred Feminine and Australia #1 World Music singer (by the most popular music portal ReverbNation).


Author and performer of the most feminine music on the planet Peruquois creates a unique fusion of soul, jazz, blues with elements of native and indian music and exquisite flavours of middle east and european electronica combined with the most potent meditative practices that has power to shift mood and consciousness. She makes music a key to a heart and deep longing of a soul! Gently guiding everybody into profound internal transformation.


«Woman in Love» is deeply feminine, touching and awakening music for the heart and soul, as like nobody else Peruquois has the quality of penetrating through the veil and awakening the true essence of human beings. This time concert has a bit of contemporary edge to it, which you can partially hear in some Adele, Amy Winhouse music arrangements. Yet she stays true to the original mystery she has awaken during her time with Native Shaman or years of music exploration in India.

Most of the new music has been created with the team of musicians who worked previously with a wide range of major acts from Beyonce, Amy Winehouse, Coldplay, Christina Aguilera to Native American Grammy winners like Joanne Shanondoah. Or took part in creation of multi-platinum CDs like Sacred Chants of Shiva and Sacred Chants of Buddha.

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«Peruquois' voice is deep and evocative radiating the very essence of feminine nature», — Deva Premal

«Her voice carries such raw feminine power it will blow you mindless», — Miten

«I am astonished… and emotionally moved… it’s blowing my mind. IMAGINE what an experience it must be to witness Peruquois in a live setting!», — Chuck Taylor, Billboard music critique

“Wow — Such Passion! Love the combo of diverse culture and world influences”, — Peter Rafelson, multi-platinum music producer whose song has been performed by Elton John, The Coors…

«This is fantastic», — Jeff Bova, Grammy winning composer and music producer

Peruquois — Goddess of Earth, She

Peruquois — Goddess, Priestess, Earth Woman, She Story

Peruquois — Concert Trailer #1

Check tickets availability at BilesuServiss

Peruquois LIVE

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