Power of the Sacred Feminine

June 3 2017-4 2017, Tallinn, Estonia

The only Peruquois' workshop in Baltic Countries/Eastern Europe in 2017.


Yes! After 2 years absence Peruquois is back to Estonia with a 2-day Weekend Intensive for Women: Power of the Sacred Feminine! It will be the only workshop event in Baltic Countries/Eastern Europe this year. Feel welcome to join us on this transformative journey.

Watch Peruquois introducing Power of the Sacred Feminine

This 2 day event is especially designed for feminine empowerment at this time of significant change. It will awaken your power and beauty, open up your creative potential and your inner ability to manifest.

The elements of the workshop:
— Awakening Feminine Power
— Opening up the sensual body
— Deep emotional cleansing (also womb and yoni)
— Rooting in feminine essence and creative potential
— Learning the essencials of creative manifesting
— Creating a sisterhood circle

Workshop practices: Vocal Yoga, Emotional Cleansing, Vocal Tantra, Breath techniques, Dance practices, ancient chants including native american shamanic chants, meditative sound practices and unique role meditations.

Power of the Sacred Feminine

There are few things more beautiful and wonderfully deep, yet powerful, than a woman living in the totality of her feminine essence. A woman alive, grounded and embodied, living through the full embracing of the infinite gift that her inherent nature provides. This sacred trust and focus creates huge transformational shifts that result in deeply inspiring, elevating and fulfilling experiences.

In these times of turbulent change, this connection can become an essential and powerful anchor and support in a woman's life. She is both an earthly guardian of love, and the source of inspiration that fills the sails of her own life. Awakened and overflowing with love for her own body, her sensuality and her loving heart, a woman is connected with her truest and most potent beauty and power. This trust in her essence gives her the confidence to face and embrace the challenges of life, and she can become a source of change rather than serving as its hostage. This quality of trust and acceptance, inner innocence yet resilient self knowledge sets a powerful and authentic woman apart from the stereotypes that we've grown so tired of having forced onto us through the limited vision of mainstream channels. This limiting era of empty vanity must give way to an aliveness and boundless potential of the empowered femininity that is spreading widely and rapidly to replace it. It is the fullest expression of Peruquois' love to be a supporting the unfolding of this new cycle, this new wave which is bringing with it such beauty, passion and light into the world, in the form of the awakened and self-realised woman.

This Power of the Sacred Feminine workshop will be a unique and nurturing space to explore, unravel and play, to dive into your sensuality and vulnerability, reclaim your innocence and unleash the voice of your deepest, primal nature. Tune yourself into the nourishing vibration of the Mother. Sing from the depths of your womb, open up the full expression of your orgasmic ecstasy. Through singing, sounding and dancing you will be able to open up your voice, your body and feel connected in Sisterhood, and reconnect with your deepest expression of truth and authenticity.

Date: Saturday June 3 and Sunday June 4
Time: Saturday: 12:00 — 18:00
Sunday: 12:00 — 18:00
Location: Estonia concert Hall (acoustic hall), Tallinn, Estonia


Early Bird — 130 euros
Since May 10: 145 euros
Since May 29: 170 euros

Women reflection on Peruquois workshop:


Power of the Sacred Feminine

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