Concert Halls vs Stadiums

Reflection on my stadium performance…

May 1

I has never been a big fan of stadium gigs. I used to think that you can never achieve such a perfect sound at the stadium — the experience i love to share with people at my concerts. The experience of deep unity and merging with the frequencies of my voice and music.

My singing at Olympic Stadium at amazing Synergy Forum Global has changed my perception. Stadiums has their musical place.

Some support this position got from visiting 30 Seconds to Mars concert at the same venue. Even though I am not particularly a fan of the band my friends invited me to the concert and yes the life is educational journey, so I didn't even try to resist. It was an interesting experience, unusual yet providing a lot of thoughts. All about music and stage appearance and how I, as a viewer enjoyed other artist performance at such setting.

There is definitely a lot of energy in stadium concerts. They lack purity of the sound but so do festival acts. So there are always up and downsides of performing on big arenas. Yet, I feel more inspired to do this kind of performances… More to come.

Love, Peruquois


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