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Enjoy and plug into the source!

August 7 2017

This is my first music video that we filmed as if it is a movie. Using 3 cameras with Yury Lvov we filmed more than 100 hours or video footage! That's massive consider that the music video length is only 4 minutes!

It also meant that we have to be ruthless selecting this precious bits to fit into the final edit. And since it is the first video with the massive team of actors it wasn't an easy task.

This team was a very talented mix of international people: ballerina Yaroslawa, model Mika Ertuganova, actress and dancer Lalita Shivani, belly dance trio — Aigul Safali, Elmira Zaripova, Zifa Galimullina, illusionist and magician Jyoti Ram, yoga teacher Vlad Bertimirov… and camels, horse, cow… and a wide array of indian people who were passing by or assisting with filming.

This extensive work resulted in probably the most visually stunning work I've done so far. And it is not only visually appealing it reflects the nature of the song — Plugging into the Source. Which was a mighty task itself! The songs lyrics is devoted to such an important topic and the music line is very funky and upbeat!

If you need to see subtitles there are there! Just click on a little wheel symbol at the bottom right corner and chose Subtlitles -> English.

Time to watch it on YouTube and leave your comments and share with your friends to help them to Plug into the Source


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