My month in India

It was a creative extravaganza!

April 10 2017

Normally people go to Goa to have some rest! Ain't working for me that way. Nope. Not for me.

Last year we went to Goa with the specific goal — to have some rest before filming a music video in Delhi. oops out of 30 days we rested exactly 3! This time we knew our tendency and thought of having a balanced act of rest and work. It actually became so unbalanced that by the end of the trip we realised that the only place for rest for us is Moscow! Quite bizarre.

Anyway our original intention to film 2 music video quickly self adjusted into filming 5 music videos! Thank you for collaboration with great hang pan duo Hang Massive… to music videos on 4 my song we added 1 for our spontaneous creativity. It was inspiring to film and hard to stop when started. With amazing videographer Yury Lvov and stylist Venera Mazurenko, and great acting/dancing support from Mika, Nikel and Guillermo we were simply minting frames! Day after day!

On a photo side, our mutual love with Olga Vetrova resulted in yet another fantastic photoshoot! Thank you Venera and Anna Trish for make up and mehendi. Natalya Skvortsova popped up one at our place to look for my costumes and without any preparation we went on a spontaneous photoshoot and managed to capture 5 looks! Without any make up or prepared style. And with Katya Turkova we explored the look, a reflection of the past when I was married to Native American Medicine man. And with Valery Latypov we converted a simple «let's have some tea» into another explorative photoshoot.

With all of this in our luggage we departed to Moscow, Russia… sort of to rest… more story to unveil.

Love, Peruquois


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