Opening up a new touring year…

With a beautiful workshop in Melbourne

January 16

It was 4 years since I've been to Australia last. It is my home land yet I left it a while ago and started living in Europe.

On my return I planned only to rest and have some family time yet I couldn't say no to the avalanche of requests to do a workshop after such a long pause.

And it as such a rewarding experience. Thank you all my dear sisters who came to share this weekend with all of us. Thank you Martina Hughes and her team who made it happen. and all the support women. It was a beautiful journey for all of us.

I'm happy to open up my new touring year here in Melbourne with the support of women who I know for many years… to re-establish this sisterhood circle and may be even create a little base here so I can come back next year. To witness my daughter going to the University and do a concert and a workshop here and may be in a few other cities in Australia.

See you around… the globe,

Love, Peruquois


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