The New Year in Australia…

Back to my motherland…

December 29 2016

It was a loooong year. Many events took place and quite a few of them came by surprise. Including my daughter's decision to continue her education in Australia. We were on her summer school holidays in Bali when it became clear that she is not going back to Portugal to finish her last year at a very beautiful school there.

Instead she decided and later was accepted to do her final year at Templestowe College in Melbourne. And we supported her decision which now resulted in my flying back to my motherland… and yes, I'm enjoyed Solstice in Australia and going to meet here new year.

My first event for the year and the only in Australia is Power of the Sacred Feminine workshop — January 14th-15th. (If you'd like to join please book asap as the workshop is already 90% booked) What takes place after is now being thoroughly explored but I already set my sails up and not so long after this beautiful event would leave Australia… what looks now for another year.

The results of my planning set to become obvious very soon. So stay tuned as many new records, music videos, video discourses, concerts, workshops etc. are coming with me into 2017!

Love, Peruquois


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