Touring Russia

After half a year in Europe going deep into this mighty land

June 21 2016

Touring is alway tough. Flights, drives, meetings, embraces, old friends, new friends, long time without food or sleep… rehearsals, concerts, workshops. Deep dives and then embraces and good byes… and the journey continues.

After half a year in Europe I'm on tour in Russia. Love this land, love this journey. And this time we tried to mix events with travelling. And in 2 weeks we are going to visit one of the most magical land on Earth — Altay. If you are up for travelling you should consider this area! Check it on Google.

And then we go for 2 months of so called holidays, which means more recording, filming etc. and then we go back on tour. This is the journey. See you somewhere on a way.

Love, Peruquois


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